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Free SEO Analysis

Successful companies know that consistently attracting new and qualified customers to their website in today’s highly competitive online marketplace is essential for growth. A powerful "Search Engine Optimization" (SEO) strategy, leveraging effective and free organic search practices on the major Internet search engines, can pay huge dividends.

CC Communications, an industry web design leader, is offering a free, no-obligation, in-depth SEO audit and assessment of your website. This includes a live "Questions & Answers" session with one of our search marketing experts. The offer is limited to the first five (5) qualifying businesses each month. Why do you need SEO enhancements for your website?

Keeping your website up to date, relevant and ranking high in the search engines is an ongoing task. In today’s competitive marketplace a simple set-and-forget strategy won’t always work. You need to stay ahead of the game, and you will only know how the game is panning out for you by getting an SEO analysis of your website.

A few of the problems your website might have, include:

1 - Not showing up near the top of the search results for your primary keywords.

About 75% of all the clicks go to the top five results for any search term on Google. If your website doesn’t rank high on the first page – or it’s not even on the first page – the traffic your website will receive will be low in volume, resulting in poor sales. Our SEO analysis will uncover which keywords will work best for your website, allowing it to rank high in the search engines.

2 – Being penalized by Google for not conforming properly with new algorithm updates.

Google provides plenty of free information about how your website should be constructed so it will avoid being penalized after any of their regular updates. Do you know how to do that? We do, and an SEO analysis of your website will reveal how “safe” your website really is.

3 – Slow website loading speed causing ranking penalties.

Since 2010, Google have included the loading times of websites as one of their many ranking factors. While they do not specify how fast is good, it’s obvious that the faster your website loads, the better chance it has for ranking high.  An SEO analysis of your website will pinpoint any elements that are holding it back, allowing better streamlining for faster loading.

Many factors combine to determine your website’s search engine organic rankings. Please complete this simple online survey, providing key information that is needed for our team to prepare your customized website SEO audit and assessment. A member of our team will contact you once your survey has been received.

Thank you for applying for our free SEO Audit Service Program. If you have questions, or if you would like to talk directly to Search Engine Marketing Specialist, please call CC Communications at (704) 543-1171, or send an email message to