The dramatic shift in how the Internet is accessed and utilized is undeniable. It's estimated that nearly as many individuals access the internet from their laptop and desktop computers, as they do their smartphones. Incredibly, Google reports that 61% of mobile website viewers experience frustration with websites that are not optimized for mobile viewing, including issues such as, excessive scrolling, re-sizing, and long page load times.

At CC Communications, Charlotte's source for Mobile-Friendly website development, we're changing this reality for our clients. Mobile-Friendly websites, otherwise known as Responsive Designed websites, offer a dynamic website development approach, allowing websites to automatically readjust to provide optimal viewing, regardless of the device being used. We feel strongly that Mobile-Friendly websites are not a short-term trend, but a valuable website upgrade to ensure that your potential and current clients always experience a positive experience on your website. The alternative is the reality of knowing that your valuable website visitors may be leaving your website to visit your competitor.

Are you seeking a concrete example of how a Mobile-Friendly website can positively alter your web presence? See how we transformed the web presence of Cato Fashions!