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Additional Features/Assistance

Mobile Redirection

Your MobileEasy purchase includes code to include in your desktop website that will automatically route users to your new mobile site. If you need further assistance, CC Communications can assist you or your IT Team on installing the redirection at our hourly rate of $31.25 per 1/4 hour.

DNS Setup

Setting up the mobile domain to point to your website is straight forward for the team that manages your domain. Your setup includes instructions to accomplish this. We'll be glad to assist you or your IT Team at our regular hourly rate of $31.25 per 1/4 hour.

3rd Party Services

MobileEasy provides links as options to many 3rd party services such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Calendar, your blog, etc. If you need assistance in setting up any of these 3rd party service, CC Communications can assist you or your IT Team on with these services at our regular hourly rate of $31.25 per 1/4 hour.

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