Benefits of SEO for Your Business

SEO - Three Letters That Can Change Your Business

You've heard the hype, but can three letters really make a massive impact in your business?

The answer? Absolutely.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing the structure and content of your website, paired with external factors, such as link building and directory listings, to help your website climb to the top of search engines and give your business maximum exposure. The closer your website is to the top of the search engines, given a relevant search term of your business, the closer you are to achieving optimization nirvana.

Isn’t it time for your website finally work for you?

Truthfully, if your business does not top the search engines, given a search query relating to your business, then your competitors are holding your position in the search engines…

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As a consumer and web browser, take a moment to recall the last time you performed a search for a business, service, or a product.

  • How far did you stray from the first page of your favorite search engine?
  • What is your opinion of a company that is not on the first few pages of your favorite search engine?
  • Was your need fulfilled after browsing through the top searches? Or was your attention span broken?

Prime placement within the search engines is imperative to the health of your business. As you learn more about SEO and how a solid SEO campaign can be of benefit to the growth of your company, we suggest that you take a few basic diagnostic steps to determine your current SEO health.

  1. Sign out of your browser and perform a basic search to organically local your business through a basic search query on your favorite search engine. For instance, if you operate or manage a restaurant, you may consider searching for ‘steakhouse in Charlotte, NC’. Once completed, consider how many pages you had to navigate until your business was ‘found’.
  2. Take note of the content that is currently on your website. Is your website content rich with keywords and indicators that define your business? Or is the content of your website stagnant and generic?
  3. How are your pages titled? Are they specifically titled with the content of the page, or are they generically titled ‘Home’ or ‘About Us’

Are You Ready to Take Control?

Your business deserves prime placement on the search engines and CC Communications can help! Our team takes a hands-on approach to best benefit your SEO campaign by providing valuable insight to how you can maintain and increase your SEO practices in your day-to-day online practices, in-depth tracking and reporting, and customized On-Page SEO recommendations for your website.

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