Are You Ready to Join the CC Communications Team?

As a leading web development and digital marketing agency, we're always looking for talented professionals to join our team! We have full-time, part-time, project-based, and subcontractor job opportunities available.

Please view current open positions available listed to the right.

CC Communications is driven by one of the region’s most talented and experienced groups in the industry that:

  • Is creative
  • Is passionate for innovation
  • Is committed to quality customer service and relationship building
  • Has broad knowledge and expertise
  • Has strong communication skills
  • Has a strong work ethic

CC Communications sometimes invites experienced, skilled professionals to assist our existing team by producing various assignments on a part-time or project-by-project basis.  Individual skill types typically needed include:

  • Digital Graphic Design (Adobe Photoshop™ experience required)
  • Macromedia Flash™ Animation Design (with ActionScript experience)
  • Creative and Technical Copywriting & Content Development
  • Microsoft® ASP.NET Web Application Development (Visual Studio experience preferred)
  • Java™ and JavaScript™ Web Application Development
  • Search Engine Optimization, Website Promotion, & Online Advertising
  • Project Management & Web Application Architecture Design
  • Strategic Marketing, Branding, & Planning

CC Communications subcontractors and staff members are held to a high set of standards and will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement as a qualification for employment.

Depending on the project role, some freelancers and subcontractors may work remotely, communicating via telephone, email, and instant messaging.  Connectivity to other team members during regular business hours is normally required.

Completed work assignments must be thoroughly tested and proofread by the subcontractor, be delivered on time, and be produced in a PC-ready format.


Please note:
Due to the ongoing high volume of applicants, CC Communications does not typically offer or promote employment opportunities through third-party staffing and job placement agencies. CC Communications also does not normally subsidize relocation or hiring travel expenses.

CC Communications is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Positions Available


How to Apply

If you have proven expertise in these or other related skill areas, we invite you to contact us about employment opportunities.

Please provide your résumé, including details of work-related experience and credentials, specific samples of your work or portfolio (via link or attached document), a minimum of two customer and/or employer references, and available dates and times when work assignments may be performed.

Please submit your resume to