MobileEasy Modules

Below are some of the modules available for your MobileEasy Website.

Simple and stress free content editing, using the friendly WYSIWYG goMobi Control Panel tool.

  Google Maps
Show your customers where you are located, using the reliable Google maps plug-in.

Mobile Analytics
Using the dedicated Analytics tool you can easily profile and analyze traffic accessing your site.

  Image Gallery
Publish high quality images to your goMobi mobile website using the image gallery function.

QR Code/ Marketing Flyer
Successfully connect mobile and print marketing campaigns with the QR code flyer feature.

  Device Detection 6000 devices
goMobi sites can be viewed flawlessly across thousands of mobile devices thanks to device detection capabilities.

Create Custom Content
Upload your company logo and change your site’s aesthetics and design as desired to suit your brand.

  Social Media
Communicate your brand through social media channels – goMobi supports Facebook, Twitter and more. 

Mobile/Desktop Site Redirection
goMobi directs between desktop and mobile sites according to the device that requests access to the website’s server.

  Site Monetization
Host advertisements on your mobile site and earn revenues on a per click basis.

Location Based Services
Encourage viral activity – goMobi supports Location Based Services like FourSquare, Gowalla and more.

  Full Transcoding
Website content adapts seamlessly thanks to an inbuilt transcoding solution.